The Influence of Social Media in Corporate Success [Infographic]

Social Media
Nov 9th, 2012
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Have you liked your favorite businesses on Facebook or followed it on Twitter? The world of business is recognizing that a social media presence is becoming an important part of successful practices in modern times. A social media presence provides a means of measuring the influence of a company. Adept business leaders, though, use this resource to interact with customers to provoke interest and action. Promotions, sales, and coupons are among the references made in these venues that attract more followers and commercial activity.

Some of the most influential businesses from a social media standpoint are popular brands. Facebook is the most liked and followed with a 77 million total. Coca-Cola follows with 51 million fans and followers. The remaining top 5 corporations in social media success include MTV, Disney and Starbucks. The interesting consideration is that these corporations are diverse in focus. There isn’t really a pattern that provides predictability related to which types of corporations will surge.

The Influence of Social Media in Corporate Success [Infographic]

 Source: Top Business Degree Programs

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