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Times is Up for IE6Microsoft is ready to move beyond Internet Explorer 6. The software giant has launched a countdown website ( to get users to move away from the decade-old browser IE6.

Microsoft’s IE 6 Countdown web site says 10.7% of global internet end users have been surfing using the previous brows as of the stop of June. Asia is where by the browser is utilized probably the most. China leads with in excess of 33.8% of World Internet users even now on IE 6. India has a 10% of Internet Explorer 6 users of the world.

IE6 Countdown

IE6 Usage Around The World

Microsoft ideas to continue with the countdown right up until IE 6 use follows beneath 1%. Already Sweden, Denmark Finland, Norway are the countries where Internet Explorer 6 usage share has dropped below 1%. (The countries already below 1%) Both Germany and France have issued warnings about Internet Explorer, asking citizens to switch to prevent the same type of breach that affected Google.

In January 2010, Google began phasing out support for Internet Explorer 6.

“Many other companies have already stopped supporting older browsers like Internet Explorer 6.0 as well as browsers that are not supported by their own manufacturers. We’re also going to begin phasing out our support…” – Google Official Blog.

And the same year March, YouTube also began to phase out IE6 support.

Youtube IE6 Message

Yahoo, Facebook and WordPress also joined the league.

Yahoo IE6 Message

Facebook IE6 Message

WordPress IE6 Message

For web developers and web designers, designing a fully featured modern website and making it work perfectly in IE 6 is a nightmare. With numerous folks nevertheless using the browser, they’ve to keep on assisting it with older engineering. Microsoft stated IE 6 is just about the main hurdles developers experience whilst trying to move the rest of the internet to HTML 5, the most recent of core markup language. Amongst the most effective features with the new engineering could be the capability to play video clip on the page without the will need for proprietary plug-ins.

Microsoft is additionally sizzling to have IE 6 customers to upgrade to IE 9. The release candidate with the new browser shipped in February, marking the final milestone just before it is actually formally released this 12 months.

Microsoft is hoping IE 9 will reverse Internet Explorer’s slipping marketplace share. In February 2009, IE’s several variations accounted to get a collective 70% with the market. Nowadays, they signify about 56%. The browser’s main rival for a long time has been Mozilla Firefox. More recently, Google Chrome has long been gobbling up share.

Preserving a dominant position is significant to Microsoft mainly because it indicates better influence with builders.


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