14 Ways To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Last Updated on Jun 1st, 2021
More than often Pinterest is passed off as a mere marketing tool by many businesses. But they fail to realize that it can be of immense use if they want high rate of traffic to their website. Pinterest can bring ton of traffic and can be helpful to every kind of business. Last year in a study by Shareaholic it has been revealed that Pinterest can bring more traffic than Twitter too! The data is based on analytics from 200,000 publishers which reach approximately 270 million unique visitors a month. Here are top 14 ways Pinterest can generate more traffic to your website. #1:   Be Original Repining is a very usual practice but if you want your business to be influential, you must create a Pinterest business account. Make sure that you pin your content by yours...

How To Set-Up a Pinterest Business Account

Last Updated on Nov 27th, 2012
Pinterest has made the announcement that it is making many changes in the way it functions. Good news for companies as it is allowing them to set up their business accounts which would prove to be very helpful to them. To top that, it is also on the verge of releasing terms of service that are solely meant for business purpose. This segment is totally removed from the TOS that is used side by side. These accounts that are business specific have been welcomed warmly by companies as these are proving to be helpful in carrying out many tasks. If one has a personal account on Pinterest, it can be easily converted to business specific accounts for business use only. As already known, Pinterest is a meeting ground for ideas and innovations. Millions of people share this pl...

How to Verify Your Website on Pinterest

Last Updated on Nov 2nd, 2012
There is no dearth of social networks on internet but Pinterest is one such social network that falls into the group of useful ones which can be used in a beneficial manner. There are marketers who have a knack for using these social networks for their advantage. They use these social networks to gather information about a certain website and this has helped business thrive. Even the absence of loyal brand pages does not hamper the benefits that can be reaped out of these social networks like Pinterest. The scenario is much the same as Google+ when it was initially launched. Pin headquarters are giving the business an extra pinch with their newer features that are included in the social network. Their rollout feature is the latest on the block and this has helped the ...

A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

Last Updated on Aug 31st, 2012
Pinterest is one of the latest tools that let you construct and share interesting and beautiful things you may available on the internet. We can use pinboards to organise their various events, organize their favorite recipes and decorate their homes. Here are some of the basic tips that might let you to gratify your marketing strategy over Pinterest! The most amazing part is that one can easily browse pinboards which are created by other people. Pinboards browsing is a great way to conceive new things and generate inspiration to develop ideas and knowledge globally! #1: Promote Visual Content: As by now we all know that a visual social network like Pinterest is the forum wherein people who browse net regularly get to see the visuals of your business like infographi...