8 Fresh Content Marketing Ideas For 2013


8 Fresh Content Marketing Ideas For 2013

Before I begin, you need to answer a few questions of mine. Have you been a part of planning and executing white paper campaigns? Have you driven good results by modifying page views and click through? Are you a pro at modern marketing techniques? Can you successfully tie your content initiatives to ROI?

Taking the other side into consideration, it can so happen that your content not being able to meet certain expectations. If you are facing these kinds of problems, there is no need to fear or hesitate because we have right in front of you, top 8 content marketing ideas which are fresh and which will bring in a whole lot of newer opportunities for you. These ideas will give a new boost to your demand generation strategies as well as to your engagements. Here is how.

1.     Look Into Your Own Company For Wisdom:

No, we are not talking about your customers; we are taking into account your staff this time. The staffs that are on the front line as far as marketing is concerned. You can use them as your resource this time. In fact you can call them…guest resources! You should make it a point to garner feedback from various resources like product developers, engineers and many other personnel who are service oriented who have a clear idea about the true value of your product suite. When you are starting your next campaign, you can use this information which will prove to be very helpful.

2.     Focus On Content Campaigns Or Cross Selling Existing Customers:

You must tie a drip nurture of your campaign to the next release or even launch and then make it a point to engage relevant prospects progressively which points towards your current customers. This will help in generating interest, raising the expectation bar higher and maximizing the impact that your launch has on the market. You should focus on providing bang-on-target engagement offers like videos, contests, infographics etc. This will help your marketing team in creating hype about your launch and gauging the demand. In this way, you allocate the resources and prepare for the final launch.

3.     “About Us” Campaign Always Helps:

Modern content marketers have equipped themselves with the in-depth knowledge of demographical data that is related to customers. This is the best resource that you can make use of and you know that this information is readily available. Hence it makes perfect sense that you make use of this information. The amount of hard work that you have put into gathering this knowledge, it is high time you made use of it. While this is generically done by many marketers, you can do this easily by using the “About Us” column. Here, you can include the particulars of the companies who have used your product or service and have benefited from it. This will make your product or services dependable in the eyes of your customers.

4.     A Foursquare Promo For Maximizing Event Footprint:

With over 3 billion check-ins that takes place each day! If you are overwhelmed by this whooping number then you will be surprised still that it happens on social based networks which are location based. Hence you can see that these social networks are goldmine for you if you are looking for engagements. You can make use of this in your next physical event. All you have to do is to integrate Foursquare ‘call-to-action’ into the event collateral. You can do this before the event or during one. This will encourage the customers to become a part of the community of your company. Add some more fun to this by organizing a meal or even a reception.

5.     Maximizing Your Metrics:

Overall marketing requires one to keep a track of the significant metrics. So, you can use this information to your benefit by giving legs to them! It is just like how PR pros are doing across the globe. The first thing that you need to do is to decide on the stats that are most relevant to your users and then you will have to use this information in your content. Take for example, if you have the customer service response or customer service target to set then do not go straightway and use them for press release. You can create a twist here by using these stats in your campaign collateral. If hard number sharing is not your cup of tea then you can go another way and keep your focus on the momentum as well as information that is value based. This information can be, take for instance, about how the new customers are getting the solution for some particular task.

6.     Use Your Calls-to-action & Current Keywords:

If you have done some work or toiling in order to develop SEO strategy then it is high time that you develop a habit of translating this information into content campaigns which are result driven. You need to use the keywords more often and to integrate them into the blog as well as social media posts. You can do the same for market proposition plan or just anything that goes on in web. You can make a change in this too just like you do in your phrases and keywords.

7.     Content Marketing Campaign Should Be Inspired By Pop Culture:

Just like every content marketing strategist, you need to keep one motto in mind and that is “we all are customers”. All of us like to have fun and to conjure images that stir us with emotions. Jolly conversations are liked by all. Open View Labs has good examples from which you can take cue. It offers many valuable lessons like ‘5 Marketing Lessons from The Muppets’.

8.     Connect The Content Dots Across The Marketing Channels:

This strategy is used by many sophisticated marketers but it mainly depends on understanding. This is valid for hard metrics of every marketing channel including web, social, mobile, email, etc. It also understandable for soft metrics like shares, comment quality, time spent on website, visitor engagement etc.

What do you think? What’s your favorite content marketing tip for 2013? Please share your comments below.


S. Saha works as a Marketing Manager at Webaholic. He loves to help startups and promoting their businesses through content marketing. He is also an all time "Star Wars" fan.

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