SEO in 2013: The Year of The Consumer [Infographic]


Have you planned out your SEO strategy for 2013? Did you considered the possible changes and updates that 2013 may bring for SEO? Whether you’ve strategized your marketing plan already or not, you might want to consider what challenges and opportunities 2013 may bring to you.

As Google keep updating their algorithms, marketers and webmasters are forced to adjust their strategies and get more creative all while continuing to focus on fundamental components such as quality content.

The search & SEO landscape in 2013 is already witnessing many important changes. As the recently announcement of Facebook Graph Search shows, the era of basic SEO tactics is over. Strategies that were once considered important among SEO professionals, such as optimizing content for top Google rankings, are now outdated at best, or completely irrelevant.

Does that mean you should fear 2013 from an SEO perspective?

No, not at all.

SEO success in 2013 comes down to one thing: Content. It’s all about keeping the users first and search engines second. More than ever before, you need to focus on quality rather than quantity, relevant content that genuinely engages your reader.

Check out the infographic below from Mediawhiz for more details on what you need to do (and what you need to avoid) to get yourself current with 2013 SEO strategies.

 SEO in 2013: The Year of the Consumer

So, what other SEO tactics you are going to employ in the year 2013. Share your valuable inputs below.


S. Saha works as a Marketing Manager at Webaholic. He loves to help startups and promoting their businesses through content marketing. He is also an all time "Star Wars" fan.

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