When’s The Best Time for Publishing Blog Posts?


If you have a blog then you must be well aware of the fact that it involves posting numerous blog articles. Till now you have posted all your blog articles without lending a thought to the most simple yet a very important aspect of blog posting. Confused? Here is an example.  Suppose you have a great blog post and want to publish it for your readers knowing very well that it is something that every reader would love then you must also keep in mind the right time to post it. Yes, right timing is as important as good writing. If you have spent a larger part of your day compiling and planning your blog post then you should also give some thinking to the time when you would publish it. Like every other thing concerned with blog article, blog posting too requires right timing.  So which time is most appropriate for blog posting? Should it be published as the first thing in the morning or the last task at the end of the day? Whatever it is, we will elaborate you on that. For now, you must remember that publishing a blog post requires correct timing. The latest information sheet from KISSmetrics throws light in the advantages and disadvantages of blog posting at various hours of the day; be it low activity hours or high activity hours. It also enlightens you about which time is the best for posting blogs.

 When’s The Best Time for Publishing Blog posts?

This infographic is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the best time for posting on Facebook and Twitter. The second part throws light on timing as well as email marketing. The last and the third part, deals with the importance of timings of blog posting. This part is called “The Science of Social Timing”.

Here are the key points that infographic throws light on. This information is presented in Eastern Time (EST) and reveals interesting trends.

  • Average blogs see most traffic at around 11 AM.
  • Average blogs are most likely to get maximum comments around 9AM, including Saturdays.
  • Average blogs get the maximum inbound links at around 7AM, including Mondays as well as Thursday.

So, from the above mentioned trends, it is clear that the most favourable timing blogs are mornings. Though this is a general observation, your individual site analytics is the best pointer for finding out which time is most apt for your website. So, after getting the general observation and finding out the facts from your site analytics, you can work out a time which will work best for you. The general information should be used as a pointer and this guideline can be used for your benefits. So how can you figure out the things for yourself? This is a general trial and error method which you must figure out for your blog. How do you do that? For this, you must blog a blog article on 9AM one day and see how many comments you get. Next day you must repeat the step and post your article at 11AM. After this, you must see what happens. This will help you get a general idea about which time is most productive for your website. In this way through trial and error, you will find out which time will get you most hits and comments for every article. With some practice, the picture will be very clear to you. You will easily be able to predict the perfect time for your blog post. This will help you use your resources to the fullest and every blog post will yield maximum comments and hits. This will make your blog a favourite amongst the followers and more and more bloggers will start taking a keen interest in your blog.

Here are the pros and cons of publishing your post at various times of the day:


Pros of publishing your article early in the day:

Early in the day will bring more traffic to your blog. With increase in number of visitors, you will get more comments and hits for every article that you post. Hence, if you are looking more blog traffic, you must publish your blog post early in the day.

Cons of publishing your blog post early in the day:

With more traffic, your blog is more likely to get buried under numerous other blog posts and hence loses its prominence. This happens due to added noise and hence the blog post does not stand out much. The bounce rate is more due to higher noise.

Pros of publishing your blog article late at night:

Late at night has less noise and your post is more likely to get the added benefits of getting more prominence. Your blog can easily get front page promotion when there is lesser noise. Hence if you want more prominence, you should switch to publishing your articles late at night.

Cons of publishing your blog articles late at night:

With the added benefit of prominence, come many disadvantages too. The first one being that if you publish your blog post late at night, it sees fewer visitors. Fewer visitors mean that your post gets fewer comments and hits.

Apart from this, there are many other factors which vary for blog posts. There are many things like gender of the reader, time of the day, etc. which affect the traffic to the blog. These minute details play a significant role in the popularity of your blog. Hence, no detail, however minute, must be overlooked for the benefit of your blog.

Hence you can see that trivial issues matter too. Hence you must follow the general guidelines and publish your blog post at the time which suits you the best. Different parameters vary for different people and hence it should be tried first before implying anything.

After being enlightened on the importance of proper timing of blog posting, what according to you is the best time for blog posting? What time yields the most benefits for you?


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