26 Creative Ways To Promote Your Facebook Fan Page

Sep 22nd, 2012
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26 Creative Ways To Promote your Facebook Fan Page

Since facebook has emerged as one of widest social networking sites, it has become increasingly important to promote fan pages, links etc. Here are the following steps to create a fan page:

1. Add your Facebook Page URL in your email signature

By adding your Facebook Page URL in your email signature will help your followers to guide them to your link.

2. Write a blog a post declaring your latest Facebook Page

Create genuine reasons for people to like your page. List them with reasons as to how they will be benefited if they like your page.

3. Do not forget to drag high-traffic pages of other user’s into your latest updates

Give a bull start, it will result in pulling the huge traffic others have into your Facebook page and after tagging they will feel like peeping into your page at least for once!

4. Invite Twittees to your Facebook page.

Do not restrict them by just asking for a “like”, but also bid them for participating in a conversation. More the people participate; more will be the foot-print.

5. Spend in Facebook Ads

A good Facebook advertisement can work wonders for you. Once the likes keeps flowing just be alert to hold them by paying special and individual attention to each like. Moreover by doing this you can check your costing according to your requirement.

6. Execute the comments received, on your blog or website

Implement the comments into your websites or blogs. This is showing your appreciation and gratitude towards your fellow followers or the people who give you “likes”. This is really a great thing.

7. Insert the link on the personal Facebook profile

You can also use the Facebook Page URL for sharing your Contact Information; you may also want to have a link under ‘About’ section, which carries the basic Information about yourself.

8. Ask for team involvement

Motivate your colleagues, your partners and associates by following, liking their Facebook profile.

9. Change your hold message

If your business has a phone on-hold system update it and add your Facebook address.

10. Link posting should be welcomed from fans!

Generally we all like preference and pamper. Therefore it’s always noble to share their likings and thoughts. Once you begin welcoming their involvement and preference, this will undoubtedly boomerang on your Facebook page.

11. Never forget to tag YouTube videos

You can always insert your own production of YouTube videos; into your Facebook Page URL –with the URL of your website. This will help to give a creative visio to your profile and hence accelerate the traffic to your page on Facebook.

12. Make a QR code for Facebook page

The technology which is most “in” in the online world is the QR code. You can always develop QR code for your Facebook page thus giving your fans a more compact techno-functional feel.

13. Reach to your fans

Facebook caters with loads of features which gives you the facility to extract a contact list or import contacts from your other websites and emails. Isn’t it a fabulous way collect people of your own tribe!

14. A Facebook Like box is a must

Arrange a like box in your page, it is an important tool. It shows you how many of the visitors have liked your page and even the readers also.

15. Use specific keywords for a Google AdWords advertisement

Although Google AdWords is expensive, yet it is completely testable. You are free to access your costs and in turn have a control over your budget. Initially test the word of the advertisement. You will come to know what keywords generate more likes, and in this way choose your best key word.

16. Make a u-turn for webinar guests towards your page

If you organize and feature webinars, you can unfailing send your registrants to the URL of your choice which you want once your followers sign up. The only place you should divert them is your Facebook page. You are also free to do this with your videos and all forums of your online presence.

17. Promote your Facebook Page through your presentation slides

Whenever you are in some corporate presentation or into a public forum do not fail to include your information wherein people who are impressed with you might want to touch base with you. You can do it at the last slide. You should mention all the details about your contact. Also include your Facebook link in your presentation.

18. Arrange a contest

These days’ contests pull a lot of crowd. So you are free to arrange contests as often you want. Declare lucrative prizes for the one who sends you maximum fans to your Facebook page.

19. Always connect Facebook page with your other profiles

This will help you to announce your latest updates which in turn will be automatically posted in your other profiles and forums.

20. Market your Facebook Page in offline ads also

Online as well as offline presence is of equal importance. Use all offline strategies to update your surroundings about you. Put the Facebook URL in brochures, on sales posters, print advertisements and even on sales letters. Make use of most of it.

21. Create great content

Content is king. Quality content can draw more people rather than any other thing. The best way is to provide and come up with great content which will attract people to like your Facebook page. This is the latest strategy.

22. Comment on other people’s Facebook posts

Be generous to comment on fan page contents or posts of your followers or friends. This will be handy is and very similar to blog commenting.

23. Encourage contacts to raise topics on Facebook wall

Always encourage your fans and contacts to instigate others to raise various topics and discussions on your wall. This will help you to come into limelight and thus bring more traffic in your Facebook page.

24. Use SMS and email blasts

The nest way to let people know your online existence and activities is using SMS and email blasts over your specific region. These are very cheap and won’t pinch your pocket!

25. Ask for endorsements

You are free to ask for endorsements from your own fraternity. It will increase your face value!

26. Detailing about You

Give as much as details possible in your Facebook landing page. As we know first impression is the last impression, therefore more you say about yourself the more you will bind people to visit your profile page always.

So here we got to find some of the tips which might come handy for you to promote your Facebook fan page. Honest criticism and feedback are always welcome. We will definitely share knowledge and grow.

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Sourav Saha

Web Consultant at Webaholic
Sourav Saha is the Web Consultant at Webaholic. He blogs about latest SEO trends, Social Media Tips and Updates at Blogaholic.

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  1. Jim Eagles
    June 28, 2013

    I do not understand how to do this.
    “Do not forget to drag high-traffic pages of other user’s into your latest updates
    Give a bull start, it will result in pulling the huge traffic others have into your Facebook page and after tagging they will feel like peeping into your page at least for once!”

    • Sourav Saha
      June 28, 2013

      Well Jim it’s pretty simple!

      Use the @ tagging strategically and your post will show up on other fan pages’ walls per the tag. (Just type the @ symbol in the publisher and the first letter or two of the page you want to tag and a list drops down for you to select from.)

      Hope that helps :)


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