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Olympic Games Offer Social Media Lessons For Small Business

Last Updated on Aug 13th, 2012
A war in the world of Social Media (Twitter and Facebook) have been declared between athletes and unfortunate tags and tweets were sent out — all reflecting Lessons for Small Business Glued like many Americans, we have been deeply engrossed in the 2012 Olympic Games which happened in London. While the games were the best entertainment and definitely provided a lifetime opportunity to cheer for favorite athletes, the Olympic Games has offered lessons for small-business and entrepreneurs about the do’s and don’ts of using social media. As soon as the games had begun, social media grasped the focus of attention for reasons being right or wrong. Athletes have been kicked off teams for posting offensive tweets. Twitter wars were declared between athletes and attende...

The Marketer’s Guide to Tumblr

Last Updated on Aug 9th, 2012
Till last year , you might not be satisfied with the society, guess that you have heard about the micro-blogging platfom or site named as tumblr. How come you heard it, because due to unsteady rise of stardom, and by November 2011, within less than a year, Tumblr has grown by 900%, has gone beyond its competitor WordPress. Still, if you haven’t add tumblr to your marketing efforts, then you must understand and effectively add in your work. There are few guidelines which will help you to start, and to grow your efforts and how to monetize tumblr. So all you need is to scroll down and download the Advanced Marketer’s Guide to tumblr Need to create a strategic plan for tumblr A marketer will always sit down with his team to create a plan for new venture like tumblr...

How to Get People Talking About You On Facebook

Last Updated on Aug 6th, 2012
People are spending nowadays more of their time and attention on Facebook than any other channels and media. Not only are college students fully engaged in Facebook, but also adults and professionals across the world now form a substantial portion of the Facebook users as well. Yet most marketers do not have a comprehensive knowledge of the vast array of explicit and implicit marketing avenues which Facebook offers and are almost viral. Facebook offers a gamut of ways to place the word out and pull the people in. A huge number of businesses are using Facebook as an indispensible part of their business promotion. Nascent businesses are using it to fish new customers, build online communities of followers and fans and dig into gold mines of the demographic information....

A Marketing Convoy for Promoting Your Business on LinkedIn

Last Updated on Aug 2nd, 2012
As large number of professionals are using social media networks to build relationships, link new contacts, and sell themselves professionally  and also for their businesses, it is now very important and urgent for us to know how to use the social media for our own marketing campaigns. One of the best answers is LinkedIn, a social network made for professionals looking to promote themselves as well as their companies. If you follow minutely you will find that LinkedIn tenders very interesting and amazing opportunity to create new leads. LinkedIn has ample tools for you to connect with customers, leads, and industry. Joining LinkedIn is easy, but converting it into a influential networking tool needs a bit of know-how. Facts about LinkedIn 60 million users Every sec...

Social Media Engagement, Are You Doing It Wrong?

Last Updated on Jul 29th, 2012
Nowadays social media has started to show maturity as a marketing channel. These tools marketers often use to implement and monitor campaigns to get more integrated, robust, functional, and powerful results. Involving with people the secret to success – This is a general misconception for campaigns targeted on growing sales and/or leads. While nothing is wrong with engaging with people from the social media, engagement by itself will provide negative return for any one campaign per se. Just engaging in social media conversations can in no way be scaled, adequately secured to ROI or for that matter be tracked easily. Creating content that is innovative, problem-solving and/or entertaining is the mantra to success. Friends, followers along with fans add to the infl...

20 Effective Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

Last Updated on Jul 20th, 2012
Often people ask “How do we get more followers on Twitter?” Blindly following junk Twitter account holders can damage your reputation. Remember one thing that other Twitterers not only will be able to see how many people follows you, but also how many you follow and who they are. Reputed Twitter users will often check your account just to see whom you follow, before they decide to follow you. If you’re too much loaded with junk, they’ll simply avoid you. Also there are tools to check how many fake/inactive followers you have, like this one from Social Bakers. A much easier and a better way to increase your fan following count on Twitter is through sincere actions—no spamming, no bulk-following, by presenting yourself a real human entity. In this po...

Facebook: The New Face to Branding

Last Updated on Jul 17th, 2012
Branding & advertising have a new face today, reaching a far greater audience than say even a couple of years ago. The emergence of social media has swept us off our feet with its rapid and exponential growth and evolution and left us with no choice than jump on to its band wagon to stay on course, and thereby derive the maximum results/output. Thus, it isn’t really surprising when we bump across craft stores on Facebook; its main purpose: generating an interest, awareness about the store, connect more closely with its customers or prospective customers and last but not the least actually sell its products and supplies through the social media network. Take for instance Jo-Ann Fabric Craft Stores: they have created a page to enhance their online presence or foo...

How to Setup Goals in Google Analytics

Last Updated on Jul 15th, 2012
Have you ever wanted to track beyond just page views and visitors? It is very important to figure out whether your website is actually helping your business or not. Here Google Analytics does a great job. But to get actionable metrics out of Google Analytics, you need to set up a few things first.  Tracking Goals & Conversions One of its prime features is tracking your goals and then its conversions; goals may be anything, ranging from the Purchase of a product to the completion of an email list sign up or Download of an eBook. In order to set up a goal, you’d need to first go to your website’s profile in Google Analytics and click on the “Admin” tab: you’d find here a tab for Goals. Click on the +Goal link to begin adding goals. Enter a short, descr...

The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client

Last Updated on Jun 6th, 2012
Web designers are some of the best paid workers in the nation, and like most people who earn a good living, the work they do is not easy. Being a web designer is not as simple as designing a website, it involves dealing with clients who have absolutely no idea how web design works. This makes it very important to let clients know up front what they will be getting. Most clients will not understand that it takes time to create websites, and if they change their mind about what they want, it takes even more time to alter what they initially agreed to. This makes it very important to have contracts stating exactly what a customer wants, because a large amount of clients are going to change their mind at some point in the process. Simple steps like having a contract set up beforehand can make the art of web design far less painful.   Source: Read More →

Tweets & Emails are Not the New Power Lunch

Last Updated on May 31st, 2012
I have a big problem with social media. And Twitter. And LinkedIn. And, mostly, good old fashioned email. Let me put those sentiments another way. I have a problem with the way business people knowingly or unknowingly delude themselves into thinking that social media and email are really sufficing as the sort of “relationship ice breakers” that are necessary to secure any sizable piece of business these days. By way of explanation, I should explain that I own a professional services company which offers website design and internet marketing services. I’m also currently our principal salesperson. Our clients understand that our services are not inexpensive and they also realize that hiring someone like us means the beginning of an ongoing relationshi...