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The Author Rank Building Machine [Animated Infographic]

Last Updated on Jan 20th, 2014
Author Rank might be the next big thing in Google’s eyes, though it may not be fully supported by Google as a ranking metric (yet) as of now. But building a reputable name for yourself can be just as valuable in your industry or within a certain niche. There’s obviously a connecting between authorship and author rank of course (use this tool to check your Author Rank). The idea here is simple – to get rid of anonymity and bring the face upfront. Recently Google has applied a 15% reduction in the amount of rich snippets displayed in the search results. And speaking about this Matt Cutts announced at PubCon a couple months ago that this would happen, saying that the ability to have and use rich snippets may be taken away for low quality sites in the coming months ...

The Analytics Advantage: What High Growth Companies Do That You Don’t

Last Updated on Jan 13th, 2014
There’s a revolution afoot, a huge shift in how business is conducted. Old means of reaching out to potential customers and encouraging growth can no longer compete with online marketing and research tools. Purchasers of professional services now spend less time and invest fewer resources researching service providers. There’s less need for lengthy RFPs  – a potential buyer can spend a morning instead of a month narrowing the field. But what kinds of tools are we talking about here? And how can they impact my professional services firm? For starters, buyers are, without a doubt, searching online for services you offer. If you’re not making yourself visible, you’re missing out. Second, your competitors are likely online. If you aren’t—and if ...

5 Blogging Lessons to Learn from 2013

Last Updated on Jan 6th, 2014
2013 is, suddenly, over and done with. What did you learn? Do you have a plan for your business’ blog in 2014? You should. This article will give you the 5 biggest lessons you can take into 2014 to optimize the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy. I’ll discuss: How much and how often you should write Balancing your content format Changes to SEO Creating a blog persona The new ways to promote   1. How much and how often you should write Yes we’re still arguing about this, but I’ll throw in my two cents and you can agree or disagree in the comments below (in fact, I encourage it). My answer is ‘Less to both, as long as you don’t stink.’ Great content is better than a great amount of content. And it’s easier to write great content if ...

The Ultimate List of Link Baits Every Link Building Strategy Needs

Last Updated on Dec 16th, 2013
Well, unlike what the term ‘Link baiting’ sounds, this act isn’t always a bad evil deed. Link baiting can be done in a legit white-hat manner as well; and when done so, it reaps greatly desirable results in terms of increased traffic, elevated reach, pouring inbound links, and more such. Most perceive link baiting as a tactful way to bamboozle people into sharing your posts and thus bagging all the benefits mentioned above. If you are one with this misconnection, I guess the below Matt Cutts video would just suffice to demystify the concept of link baiting for you.   Why Are Link Baits Sooooo Necessary? As the name suggests, the most obvious perk you enjoy from link baiting is generating good number of backlinks; which in fact is the sole prime purpose o...

7 Out of The Box Facebook Cover Photo Ideas For Your Business

Last Updated on Dec 10th, 2013
You are reading this article implies that you’ve got a business and are all set to leverage the social media to the fullest. That’s a great sign and you are heading the right way. The first thing that comes to mind when one talks of promoting business online through social networks is – Facebook. And then? The next? Facebook fan page. Creating a Facebook fan page is most probably the first step towards establishing an online presence for most brands. With over 50% of the social platforms active users (stats by GlobalWebIndex) hooked to Facebook, there is immense scope of creating a brand image and captivating likely prospects. The sole idea of having a Facebook page is to grab the mass’s attention, thus making a brand statement and thereby generating more...

How To Emotionally Connect With Your Readers

Last Updated on Oct 24th, 2013
Digital being the time we live in, it goes without saying that probably the word “emotion” has disappeared from our lives. Being surrounded by electro-magnetic waves and machines we have gradually evolved to be “machine-made man”. But do we ever think that without our heart we don’t even survive, then how is it possible that we don’t implement its importance even in our business. Yes…I am talking about emotions. It’s real vital in todays’ time that we are always emotionally connected with our audience. Because without it, anything is nothing. When you are writing on the web – either in a blog post, or other forms of content marketing, there are high chances that your would likely respond to your offers of the services or the products if a reson...

10 Basic Tips To Build A Responsive Design [Infographic]

Last Updated on Jul 2nd, 2016
If your website isn’t mobile friendly by now, chances are you are losing a substantial amount of customers. You cannot ignore the fact that many people are visiting your sites on their smartphones and tablets. A 2011 statistics shows that there were an estimated 5 billion phones in the world, out of which 1 billion were smartphones. 84% of those 1 billion smartphones were used to browse the web, that’s 840,000,000 phones browsing the web. So just imagine the figure. There is no iota of doubt that the web and the mobile browsers remain one of the best ways that users interact with their preferable websites and if they face any trouble on their smartphones while browsing be dead sure that that particular customer is gone forever. It is exactly at this juncture that...

4 Dangerous Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses Are Making

Last Updated on Oct 18th, 2013
Image courtesy of Pixomar — Social media presents a useful and viable tool for a business to build their brand and increase their visibility. In fact, it’s getting to the point where you’re probably going to be at a disadvantage if you don’t have at least some form of an online presence through these mediums. While online marketing spans a wide range of topics, social media has quickly become the primary vehicle through which businesses and their websites increase traffic, reach potential clients and develop their brand. When done right, it’s quite possibly the single-most useful tool at the disposal of today’s website admin and/or small business owner. At the same time, social media can present some major pitfalls to businesses a...

How To Create Perfect Posts on Social Platforms [Infographic]

Last Updated on Sep 3rd, 2013
We all post updates across different social media channels. But if you ever wondered about a picture perfect post….then this article is just for you. The content that you share on various social media channels surely varies depending on business to business. But have you ever paid close attention to what really makes your fans tick and what resonates within your community? Having a clear CTA, proper punctuation and use of URL shorteners are the very basic steps you can take to optimize the quality of your social media outcome. This significantly maximizes reader interest and helps to improve your ROI. You may be present different social media platforms but each social media channels has its own workaround. As an example, on your Facebook fan page, a “less is more...

Getting Started With Google Analytics Remarketing

Last Updated on Aug 26th, 2013
Google analytics is all about measure, analyze and making changes to your business. To optimize your online marketing strategy the best way is to make changes based on insights like bounce rate, user engagements and performance of your campaign etc. But with the help of Google Analytics Remarketing it is much easier to analyze the data and create new marketing campaigns specifically targeted to the needs of your customers. I really like this feature because it can bring potential customers back to your site, lower your cost per click and increase conversions up to 300-400%! And, what’s even better, you can take action on your data directly from Google Analytics & make marketing changes based on the real behavior, of real people, on your site. Okay, so let’s...