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SEO Strategies That Belong in the Garbage Can in 2013

Last Updated on Feb 28th, 2013
A new year means it’s time for a new SEO strategy. Google doesn’t go a full year without making some drastic algorithm changes. If you’re trying to ramp up your SEO this year, here are a few tricks you definitely want to avoid. Stop Paying for Links Image via Flickr by Simon Davison Reciprocal links went out of style a few years back. But in 2013, both reciprocal and paid links are definite no-nos. Google and other search engines are catching on quickly to underhanded tactics designed solely to boost rankings, and they’re not tolerating it. If you get caught buying links, your penalty could take years to overcome. Stop Focusing Solely on Rankings Image via Yes, rankings are important and strongly correlated to click-through rates. However, high ra...

How to Implement Rich Snippets to Improve SEO Results

Last Updated on Feb 26th, 2013
Take the classic case of David and Goliath…it is the same story everywhere in the world of ranks. There is always one trying to outdo the other. Every webmaster as well as blogger wants rank higher than the other and wishes to compete with the giants that rule the field. Earlier, things were different in the web world. Any Tom, Dick or Harry could compete with the giants and web rulers and gain better followings than them. But with the advent of technology, it is becoming very difficult to break into this world, leave alone out doing the others. Many tools like Dream Media has given undue positions in some hands while stealing away the advantage that the smaller yet worthier opponents had. This scenario makes it very difficult for the underdog to gain a stable posi...

9 Simple Steps To Create A Successful Inbound Marketing Plan

Last Updated on Feb 22nd, 2013
Online business people have two basic choices for developing a customer base. You may put-in your time and finance in pulling new customers, using various techniques such as cold calling, media buys, pay-per-click and advertising. These techniques all together are known as “outbound marketing”. This is because you have to push your message and just hope that it falls on the right area and generates new customers. On the other hand outbound marketing is gradually becoming less effective compared to the growing number of sales messages which are exposed every day. Due to this, more and more online marketers are tilting to “inbound marketing.” With inbound marketing you can create & promote engaging content that helps new customers to find...

12 Things To Consider Before Publishing Your Blog Posts

Last Updated on Feb 20th, 2013
Are you among them who think twice before hitting the publish button? Then you belong to the wiser group. You should think twice before publishing anything online. Experienced marketers have one thing in common and it is the fact that they know the value of every single word and phrase which they use. Sometimes one word is all that is required for changing the image of a brand. So, you can easily see that tweets, newsletters, blog posts, webinar, etc. can be used as a medium for strengthening the image or message of your brand. Hence you should be careful about anything that is published in concern to the company name. In this post we discuss 12 things you should consider before publishing your blog posts. #1:   Ideation Generating an apt idea is the keyword and ...

15 Ways To Reduce Your Website’s Bounce Rate

Last Updated on Feb 15th, 2013
In a layman’s’ word website bounce rate means whenever a visitor visits your site he or she leaves without visiting other pages. This implies that your website isn’t appealing. Holding visitors on to your website for a longer period of time is certainly a challenge in today’s highly competitive market. If you are having a high bounce rate its an alert that indicates it’s time to concentrate on your website layout, content, and overall presentation. But high bounce rate isn’t always a bad thing. It actually depends on what industry you are in. Let’s take an example of a local restaurant website. If someone is looking for their phone number, the visitor lands on the home page collects the phone number and exits the page or “bounce”. Now if...

17 Surefire Ways To Increase Facebook Engagement

Last Updated on Feb 13th, 2013
Facebook has become a basic necessity for business owners to plan as well as implement social media marketing strategy. Though there are numerous social media networks like LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter, but with over 1.5 Billion users Facebook is the main game player. Participation and engaging on Facebook can be the most effective tactics but the business people are yet to get the most out of this useful tool. Many of them confused as to how and when they should publish their posts. A research conducted by Buddy Media reveals different ways to create the most effective engagement for retailers when interacting with their fans on Facebook. Here are a few findings which will help in clearing all the queries that surround Facebook. #1:   Best Time To P...

SEO in 2013: The Year of The Consumer [Infographic]

Last Updated on Feb 8th, 2013
Have you planned out your SEO strategy for 2013? Did you considered the possible changes and updates that 2013 may bring for SEO? Whether you’ve strategized your marketing plan already or not, you might want to consider what challenges and opportunities 2013 may bring to you. As Google keep updating their algorithms, marketers and webmasters are forced to adjust their strategies and get more creative all while continuing to focus on fundamental components such as quality content. The search & SEO landscape in 2013 is already witnessing many important changes. As the recently announcement of Facebook Graph Search shows, the era of basic SEO tactics is over. Strategies that were once considered important among SEO professionals, such as optimizing content fo...

How To Build A Content Marketing Strategy In 10 Easy Steps

Last Updated on Feb 6th, 2013
In the recent times, there has been a lot of hype created around content marketing. Blog posts have shown us the way that social media is largely dependent on good content. Evidently, numerous books have been written keeping this agenda in mind. Hence it makes things very clear that content is the fuel for good social media marketing. Why only social media marketing, it is vitally important for any kind of marketing. For making things clearer in your mind, for any television strategy, the commercial that you flash is very important just as the advertisement is very important for print strategy. In spite of all this, as social media comes free of cost, we find people taking content for granted and ignoring the importance too. The success of social media propaganda dep...

How To Brainstorm Blogging Ideas

Last Updated on Feb 4th, 2013
Brainstorming is one of the most powerful creative techniques ever made. When it is properly used, it can result in more and better ideas than any other process. It’s based on the concept that two heads (or more) are better than one. Brainstorming is not about executing ideas. It’s simply about coming up with ideas. And it is almost always more productive as a group activity. The result of a brainstorming session should be a long list of potential ideas which one can evaluate later and act on the best. Whenever you first start a blog, it’s usually pretty easy to think up topics to write about. You can start out with the basics in your industry, how to do this, why you should do that, but after sometime you will have to struggle just to come up with blog topics....

6 Creative Social Media Campaigns To Learn From

Last Updated on Feb 1st, 2013
Social media photo by Shutterstock If you own your own business or are otherwise involved in marketing, you’re likely inundated with information about social media for business. Sometimes it seems like every other business networking evite has to do with “Getting Your Business on Facebook” or “Tweeting Your Way Towards Success.” But the fact is, consumers are inundated with messages from businesses on their social media feeds, and they’re far more likely to push hide than purchase if you’re just providing updates about the business or promoting products. To make a splash on social media, it’s worth taking a good read of a social media guide to gain a deeper understanding of just what social media is, how it works, and how you can create the kind of co...