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8 Fresh Content Marketing Ideas For 2013

Last Updated on Jan 30th, 2013
Before I begin, you need to answer a few questions of mine. Have you been a part of planning and executing white paper campaigns? Have you driven good results by modifying page views and click through? Are you a pro at modern marketing techniques? Can you successfully tie your content initiatives to ROI? Taking the other side into consideration, it can so happen that your content not being able to meet certain expectations. If you are facing these kinds of problems, there is no need to fear or hesitate because we have right in front of you, top 8 content marketing ideas which are fresh and which will bring in a whole lot of newer opportunities for you. These ideas will give a new boost to your demand generation strategies as well as to your engagements. Here is how. ...

15 Great Ways to Improve Your Blog – From Newbie To PRO

Last Updated on Jan 24th, 2013
Developing blogging skills is a slow process. What you need is to work on your technique continuously and you will attract readers. Take in readers critiques for they know best how well you are passing on your thoughts. Neglecting the editing aspect of blogging will deter your readers from your blog.  Here are 15 great tips to improve your blog from newbie to PRO. 1. Use WordPress When you are starting to blog, you should go for the best blogging platform that is WordPress. Why we recommend WordPress to you is because of its many brilliant qualities. WordPress is an open source blogging tool and content management system that is easy to use for building websites. It is not like HTML Coding and Dreamweaver in which one has to practice a lot for building a blog. Al...

How Blogging Can Help Your Business

Last Updated on Jan 22nd, 2013
A great blog can always increase your sales and profit. But drafting a blog to yield such results need some certain specifications and craftsmanship. For small businesses, blogs can be an inexpensive way to reach new customers and establish credibility in their market. According to Hubspot 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report 82% of marketers who blog daily acquired a customer using their blog, as opposed to 57% of marketers who blog monthly — which, by itself, is still an impressive result. So, if you’re not blogging, it’s time to get started or get left behind.  In this post we’ll discuss 18 ways blogging can help your business. 1. Lure Audience Every business needs traffic, whether this is foot traffic in a high street store or ‘eyeba...

Best Practices For Optimizing URL Structures

Last Updated on Jan 17th, 2013
Whenever you surf internet you just type a specific URL on the browser and a particular sites opens. But have you ever thought what must the logic behind designing an URL. URLs are like one of the most simplistic parts of SEO, but there are loads of query which surfers or online geeks generally have. Below mentioned are some of the very simple and easy guidelines to help you out with making the best out of URLs.  Hopefully these best practices can help a few folks make use of best practices before it becomes an issue down the road. So here are 12 best practices for optimizing URL structures: #1: Describe Your Content: An URL which is evident is a great URL. If a user can look at the address bar (or a pasted link) and make an accurate guess about the content of ...

How to Set Up Google+ Authorship Markup

Last Updated on Jan 14th, 2013
For good introductory information on Google authorship markup, you can always check on various other links available on other sites, but the systematic and informative of the lot has been beautifully crafted over here. You can just check this guide to set up your Google+ authorship markup. But before we get into this here is an explanatory video from Google. This will help you to understand this topic in more details. The Invention Process The most important thing to keep in mind is that Google needs to complete a circuit of verified trust between it and an author’s published content. If you want to participate in this programme you need to have two things: A verified digital identify owned by Google that links to your published content (a Google+ profile) Yo...

14 Ways To Build An Active Social Media Community

Last Updated on Jan 10th, 2013
Having an active social media community is one of the very desirables in the recent times. Online presence has become such an integral part of our existence that we are almost blind without our presence for almost every requirement. Here are some of the relevant questions that might come in your mind for an active social media community. #1: Is Your Community in Relevance to The Demands? When the concept of the community links with the interest you are more likely to get a regular and active member. This is determined when you’re conceptualizing your community. The more your community concept fits with their interest, the more they will be interested in that community. If you already have a community that’s struggling for participation, you need to revisit the ...

28+ Smart Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

Last Updated on Jan 8th, 2013
Most online marketers or entrepreneurs prefer blogging as a probable part of their marketing strategy. Many of them think that if they want more traffic, they will have to engage in blogging most of the time, write longer blog posts, and also write guest posts. But in all these there is a common link. Various social media forums help you to promote your blog very easily without much of fuss. There are umpteen social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and the latest being Pinterest that can easily get your blog posts in front of hundreds or thousands of readers within minutes. With the push of a button, you can broadcast your post to all these sites. Apart from all these there are a lot more which you can always do. So without further ado here are...

Social Media Predictions For 2013

Last Updated on Dec 28th, 2012
When trying to predict the future, it’s probably wise to look at the past. 2012 was a year that was a cocktail of numerous interesting social media events like London 2012 Olympics, scandal concerning Prince Harry in Las Vegas, America’s race for presidency, etc. One has to be sure that the coming year has lots more action in store for us. Media landscape is yet to witness various other transformations. Here is a list of predictions that media landscape is to see in the coming year. #1.       Welcome LinkedIn As The New Facebook:                                                                      LinkedIn will bask in popularity in the coming year as more and more brands will use it as a platform for social networ...

8 Effective Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

Last Updated on Dec 26th, 2012
Building a blog is not a big deal but the main test lies in providing it with significant traffic. A successful blog is one which has good traffic. This post is targeted to help numerous bloggers who are struggling to get significant traffic for their website. So, here are top 8 effective ways to increase blog traffic. #1: Having A Targeted Audience In Mind: When you are setting up a blog, you should have an audience type in mind. This means that you should have a clear picture of the kind of people that you are trying to reach out to. You should keep in mind that the audience has a great ability to spread information. You should always keep an eye on the participation of various communities, blogs, etc., which bring in more traffic to your blog. Here, individual p...

A Beginner’s Guide To Google+ Communities

Last Updated on Dec 19th, 2012
Google+ has taken the internet world by storm and there are several reasons for it. It has covered all the facets of internet usage, including social community. In answer to various social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn, it has released Google+ Communities. This is also a social networking site which helps the users stay in touch all over the globe. It was just a matter of time and within a short span of 24 hours, the number of social networking users at Google+ Communities sky-rocketed from zero to many thousands. The next week saw a whooping number of 21,000+ members. This shows the eager participation of the users from across the world. Participation in Google+ Communities If you have a Google+ Communities account well in advance then you will face no proble...